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Premix King Customer Service Promise

".At the Premix King we know that without you, the customer, we are dead in the water!
That is why every Team member makes a Customer Service Promise to you. If for any reason whatsoever we fail to meet this promise - feel free to contact Lynden Hosking or Stuart Henley via our Admin Office on (03 5447 1199)

As owners of the Premix King Group we take full responsibility for Customer Service at store level and welcome your feed-back anytime. (Talk about going straight to the top!)

As proprietors we take the Customer Service Promise very seriously and offer you (on behalf of every Team member) this Customer Service Promise..

This is after all, what keeps us all in a job and sets us apart from the rest.!"

Premix King Customer Service Promise
1. The customer is GOD!
2. The customer is the most important member of the P.M.K organisation.
3. The customer is the reason we open the doors every morning.
4. The customer is doing us a favour giving us his business.
5. We will ensure every customer gets respect, appreciation a greeting AND a smile.
6. We will give the customer assistance at every opportunity.
7. We will help the customer with EVERYTHING and go the extra distance.
8. We will offer help even when they don't need help!!! (That's what we do!)
9. When we are at work - we will think about the needs of the customer at every opportunity. We can always do more!
10. We are responsible for the customers comfort, needs, emotions, wants and expectations.
11. Whenever necessary we will to resolve the customer's fears, and complaints.
12. We will always speak in a positive manner.
13. We will always be proactive, up sell, suggest and talk about products.
14. Every customer will get a THANK YOU when they leave! It's important to thank the customer for giving us their business.
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