If you look under 25 we will ID you... and if your not 18 don't bother commin in. Please enjoy your drinks responsibly!
R.S.A Mission Statement

".The Proprietors of Premix King Holdings P/L take the Responsible Service of Alcohol very seriously. And, commit to support the Regulatory Authorities in every possible way.".

Responsible Service of Alcohol Mission Statement
1. The liquor licensing laws are quite clear. It is an offence to supply/serve anyone who is under the age of 18.

Our policy is also clear. We will not serve anyone who is under the age of 18 AND we will not serve anyone who attempts to supply a minor (including parents) Minors who attempt to shop, browse or handle liquor will be asked to leave. (this is with or without a parents blessing!!)

b. If someone looks under the age of 18 they will be asked to produce legally required I.D If for any reason ID cannot be shown , service will be refused.
2. The offences for supplying alcohol to minors are upward of $5000 and with this in mind The Premix King Group has a number of systems and strategies in place that sets a benchmark for the packaged liquor industry.
3. Every Premix King Team Member is R.S.A Certified and all certificates are held on site for any member of the police force to view.
4. Liquor licences at all stores are in plain view for the public to see. This document also shows the legal hours of operation.
5. On special occasions and as required we outsource security to specifically check I.D. before entry is allowed.
6. Intoxicated persons are refused entry in every instance.
7. Premix King is a member of the Liquor Licensing Accord
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