If you look under 25 we will ID you... and if your not 18 don't bother commin in. Please enjoy your drinks responsibly!
Premix King


Welcome to the ARARAT PREMIX KING.
Make no mistake about it, at Ararat Premix King our sole focus is YOU the customer!

Everything we do centers around you and your expectations. You will understand this the second you walk through our doors....!

And remember at The Premix King we don't just talk it up we back it up!


Store Address
Shop 2, 1 Ingor St
Ararat VIC 3371

Phone: 03 5352 5408

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Store Hours
Monday 9pm-9pm
Tuesday 9pm-9pm
Wednesday 9pm-9pm
Thursday 9pm-9pm
Friday 9pm-11pm
Saturday 9pm-11pm
Sunday 10am-9pm