If you look under 25 we will ID you... and if your not 18 don't bother commin in. Please enjoy your drinks responsibly!
About Premix King

We've been around for over 10 years now so we reckon we have the runs on the board to know what we're doing...... sure there are no marketing or business degrees at the Premix King, but we know what our customers want and when they want it !!

Known for our "party starts at the door" attitiude, Premix King is a young, dynamic results orientated company with a positive attitude toward independent liquor retailing.

Premix King's "think outside the square" approach to liquor retailing sees us stand alone in the retail premix market with products and offers that no-one else can match...this has resulted in a significant market presence in regional Victoria.

Premix King is now regarded as THE destination for premix drinks in regional Victoria and is fast becoming one of Victoria's most recognisable brands!

Passion, commitment, innovation, flexibility and ultimately success are the foundations on which the culture of Premix King is based.

This strong comitment to product innovation, responsible service, repeat custom and meeting the ever changing demands of today's consumers sees Premix King set the benchmark for others to follow.

Premix King: "Home of the alcopop"
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